The Med-Scribe Advantage

  • Competitive rates
  • 100% Flexible scheduling
  • Increase your Door-To-Doc times
  • Increase your physician productivity
  • Increase patients seen every day
  • Complete and thorough documentation
  • Improve patient satisfaction rates
  • No more dictation software
  • Increase billing

Let us do the charting, so you can get back to being the physician you wanted to be before all of the tedious documentation.

Working with medical scribes allows the physician to see more patients and spend more quality time with their patients. Building positive patient/physician relations is critical to providing a higher quality level of medical care and improving patient satisfaction.

Medical scribes can do more than just documentation like:

Reminding physicians of treatment plans, researching patient medical history, retrieving lab results and imaging results. Medical scribes can streamline the physicians day and help them get out of the office on time.


Physician Testimonials

These are testimonies from actual physicians that use our service!

Emergency Physicians at Sumner (EPAS)

"Med-Scribe, LLC. has improved the quality of service that our physicians provide. By doing all of the tedious documentation, they allow us to see patients more quickly while also spending more time with our patients. Med-Scribe has become an integral part of how we practice medicine. I recommend Med-Scribe, LLC. to any physician or medical group."

John R. Pinkston, MD.

Medical Director and Attending ER Physician

ER Physician at Sumner Regional Medical Center

"Working with a scribe allows me to focus on patient care and critical decision making. The shifts are less stressful and I am no longer at the hospital late to finish my charting."

Jill Heavrin, MD. 

Attending ER Physician

September 30th - Event 3

"Utilizing a Medical Scribe really boosts my productivity in the ER more than anything else... with my scribe, I feel like I can use the EHR the way I need to without focusing on tedious charting entry."

Mario Ramirez, MD.

Attending ER Physician

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