The Future of Medicine

Med-Scribe seeks to build long-term partnerships with scribes dedicated to the success of their physicians and with incorporating feedback from their individual physicians so that, with time, the charts are optimized to the preferences of the supervising physician. While our scribes are ready to go on day one for any physician,

we pride ourselves on learning the habits and preferences of our doctors so we can provide exactly what they want,

effortlessly. We strive to empower our physicians through a personalized service.

All of our scribes are certified as Medical Scribes by The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS). We train each scribe to utilize any EHR your practice uses, i.e. (Meditech, ECW and MedHost) Each Medical Scribe has at least 36 hours of on the job training.

Research shows when medical scribes are utilized properly; patient satisfaction scores increase, thorough documentation allows for a higher CPT code, physician satisfaction increases and with the ability of increased patient flow higher profits!

Our areas of Service:

Emergency Departments


Family Practice

Specialty Practice


Urgent Care